July 28, 2018

"Great people the woman was a blast to talk to .I took a friend to get a car quick an they got one. thank you for such a great experience an being so friendly..."
January 16, 2018

"6 mos ago we came a long distance, a 3.5 - 4 hour drive. Notified them which vehicle we wanted to see and that we would be arriving just at closing time. The owner not only held the shop open for us additional time, but also held the vehicle for us because of our call when a local drive-by shopper saw it sitting outside and wanted to purchase. We purchased the vehicle at a price comfortably below going rates in a more populated region. Only downside issues were minimal: we experienced one immediate problem which was easily dealt with and possibly not known by the dealer, and also waited two months for our check to be cashed. Had a great experience with an up-front shop owner. Now looking to purchase from him again."
Althoff Auto Sales LLC